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      GG NEWS


We're Working Hard & Right On Schedule!

It has been a month and a half since my last blog. A lot has 
happened and even more is being planned. With the school
season starting, less players are online during the day. This
gives me and the staff team plenty of time to catch a breath 
and to work on new and upcoming features for Green Gem.

One of the most recent features I have been tinkering with
is custom crafting recipes. For example: if a player was to 
take their Iron Sword, put it in the center of a crafting table, 
and surround it with iron nuggets, ingots, or blocks then they
would get a steel sword with upgrades depending on the 
type of iron material they used. There are also food recipes
and more will be added in the near future. You can find these
by following the link below:

Thank you to everyone who participated in the
New Plot Spawn Contest! I know I cut it shorter than I had
planned... even after extending it. Woops! I lost track of time
somewhere and forgot I extended it another week. 

Congratulations to 3herokids for winning the contest!
Here is their winning entry for the new Plot World Spawn: 

There are only 18 days left until the wilderness gets reset. 
Be sure to take the time to move all of your belongings to
the Plot World for safe keeping. Donators please contact me
if you wish to save a build. We can work something out. 

Congratulations to both Merqre and MrFebreeze on their
promotions to Helper rank! I'm looking forward to working
with you both. 

A special thank you to last month's donators: 

813266dcc76996b6775abe30dc6fd8ab0648205b.png TrollFaceMeme_

4a20d93b40f8502694bebf005d4ff5c41261daf5.png CarcinoBiologist

NPCAuctions has been brought back. You can access the 
auctions anywhere on the server by typing /auction. Try to
keep your prices reasonable. We have been getting complaints
that players are putting ridiculously high starting bid prices 
on their items. Nobody will buy your items if they are expensive. 

We now have Build Battle! You can find the sign to join this 
addicting minigame at the arcade by typing /warp arcade or 
/warp buildbattle. There is only one 4-player test arena right
now but more are in the works and even more themes are 
going to be added in the near future. The matches are 5 minutes
long right now but bigger games and longer matches could be
added. Ticket Prizes are given to the top 3 builders. 

Cosmetics have made a return as well as the Cosmetic Crate. 
Morphs, however, had to be removed due to lag issues. They 
might return but it isn't planned. Players can still enjoy pets,
gadgets, trails, particles, music, and more. Cosmetic coins 
and keys are going to be added to the webstore in the near 
future as well. Prizes from the Cosmetic Crate will be given
in voucher item form so players can trade them if they so 

A new Pvp Arena has been released! Check it out and get 
a sneek peek at the new Spawn by going to /warp PvpArena. 

See you all on the server and have a wonderful day!


Green Gem Season 1 is coming to an end on 
Tuesday, October 1, 2019

What this means is that the Survival worlds are going to be
removed and one new world will be regenerated in their place.

The Wild will reset every 3 months from here on out. 
For example, season 3 will begin on January 1, 2020, 
Season 4 will begin on April 1, 2020, etc. 

Congratulations to both Minnie_Jennie1 and AgentLiberty_
on their promotions to Helper rank! I know you will both do
a wonderful job. 

A special thank you to this month's donators:

3f0c750dc96aee2b33ac0c06667536fe8e3e5a3d.png Oci_Goofy

21aad11e7aa7f97b7e2880d212a514749db7aa6b.png EmeraldCaptainYT

c313d777f02002b7728daf9c8836fe73c6976302.png goodrylie01

67e22d6fef11a6b1a1dfa6d6efdf7298b37da5d6.png AgentLiberty_

4a27b88a5ebabfa01cd44e5d292d0655c1e49a2f.png Crasher_xyz 

More changes are coming soon to better the server.
We have been dealing with lag issues since updating
to 1.14 but I feel like we are getting somewhere with
it. Cross your fingers for 1.15.

Mob Hunting had to be removed because it was
clashing with other plugins and causing horrible
lag. It might not return in the future. This means that
bounties are being removed as well. 

NPC Auctions might make a return. The new spawn
will be similar to our 1.13 snapshot spawn in many
ways. I know this will make a lot of you happy.

See you on the server and have a wonderful day!